A community development corporation serving the Hope Village neighborhood in Detroit

Our Vision

HOPE Village Revitalization envisions a sustainable, equitable, healthy neighborhood with a high quality of life for all, where neighbors have access to fresh and local food, and affordable, quality housing with energy solutions that reduce utility costs and build resilience against climate change. HOPE Village Revitalization also envisions a community where individuals have access to the opportunity to be productive and creative citizens. HOPE Village Revitalization’s goals are rooted in the goals and objectives of the HOPE Village community.

Our Mission

HOPE Village Revitalization is a community-led, community driven organization whose mission is to move the HOPE Village neighborhood forward in a way that mitigates disparities in wealth, privilege and educational resources. We pledge to collaborate  and be part of the collective working toward equitable and sustainable development in Detroit, and to be known as a model of excellence, integrity and community decision making.

A Timeline of Our History

2002 : HOPE Village Revitalization (HVR) is born!

HVR is incorporated as Focus: HOPE Revitalization, a wholly owned subsidiary of Focus: HOPE, to combat neighborhood deterioration and build access to opportunity for neighborhood residents.  HVR applies for and receives 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

2003 - HVR cleans up and demolishes the former Federal Engineering Building

HVR demolishes the long vacant former Federal Engineering Building after removing environmental contaminants. HVR receives the first EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant in Detroit and the first Brownfields Revolving Loan from the city of Detroit to address this vacant and abandoned eyesore in the neighborhood.

2003-2007 – Village of Oakman Manor opens

HVR assists with property assembly and financing for the Village of Oakman Manor, in collaboration with Presbyterian Villages of Michigan and the Oakman Manor Senior Housing Development Corporation. The Village of Oakman Manor now provides a wonderful home for 54 very low-income seniors in the Hope Village neighborhood.

2007 - Brownfields TIF District

HVR applies for a Brownfields Tax Increment Financing District to assist with further neighborhood cleanup and beautification

2007 - 2010 – HVR cleans up and creates the Cool Cities Park

HVR is awarded Cool Cities Neighborhoods in Progress funding by the State of Michigan. This funding, together with funding from Detroit LISC and the Detroit Brownfields Redevelopment Authority is used to clean up the former filling station located at Oakman Blvd. and Woodrow Wilson and to create the Cool Cities Park as a neighborhood meeting place and walking path.

2010 – 2012 – HVR team assists with assembling parcels for Oakman Place

The HVR team assists with assembling parcels for Oakman Place, a 24 unit low-income tax credit development on Oakman Boulevard, and works with NSO on planning for the redevelopment of the historic Bell Building. HVR transfers the cleaned-up former Federal Engineering building site to the Bell Building to allow sufficient parking for the Bell Building development.

2012 – NSO Bell Building Opens

The NSO Bell Building opens and provides permanent supportive housing for 155 formerly homeless individuals.

2013 – 2015 – Cool Cities park adds beautiful gardens

Numerous volunteer groups assist in creating the beautiful gardens at the Cool Cities Park.

2016 – Hope Village becomes an inaugural Eco-D

Hope Village neighbors adopt the Hope Village name for the community and create a community strategic plan and vision. Hope Village is selected to be one of two inaugural eco-districts in Detroit.

2018 - HVR launches the Hope Village Farmers Market at the Cool Cities Park.

The market grows access to fresh and local food, grows small businesses, and grows community.

2018 and 2019 – HVR hosts “Focus: on Detroit"

HVR hosts “Focus: on Detroit,” Detroit’s only outdoor photography festival at the Cool Cities Park, culminating in a signature placemaking event involving projections of youth photography and the work of local photographers on the historic Bell Building at night.

2019 – HVR spins off from Focus: HOPE

HVR spins off from Focus: HOPE to become a community development corporation, governed by a community-based board.

2019 - HVR completes the revitalization of the La Salle Eco-Demonstration Home

HVR completes the revitalization of the La Salle Eco-Demonstration Home - on track to become the first LEED Platinum rehab in the city of Detroit, and opens it as its office headquarters and a neighborhood center.

2020-present - HVR launches new programming in the areas of sustainability, affordability, health, and fresh food access.

HVR has launched new programming in the areas of sustainability, affordability, health, and fresh food access.

Our partners and supporters