Debbie Fisher announces plans to identify new Executive Director to take her place by early 2023.

As long as I can remember, I have thought that working with and for a neighborhood was the most important (and most exciting) job that someone could have – and I have had that exciting job in different forms in the same wonderful neighborhood for just over 20 years!  

When I started my current position as Executive Director of HOPE Village Revitalization, I told our Board of Trustees that my goal was to build a strong foundation for the organization so that by early 2023, the organization would be ready for new leadership – ideally leadership from the neighborhood. 

Thankfully, during that time, HOPE Village Revitalization has grown beyond my wildest dreams. We have an excellent team of committed leaders – mostly drawn from within the community we serve, or with strong ties to the neighborhood.   We have wonderful supporters.  And we have brought resource after resource to the neighborhood – from energy efficiency improvements inside the home to gutter and other repairs outside the home, to food boxes and a vibrant farmers market, much needed health and wellness programming and a wonderful neighborhood resource navigator program.   

In other words, we have that strong foundation that I was hoping (and praying) for, and we are now able to look to the future and begin planning for new leadership. We have a strong Succession Planning team in place, and we are launching our search now, with a view to having the new Executive Director in place early next year.

With gratitude and with confidence for the future,

Debbie Fisher

The full job description and posting information can be found here